RTM Site de Contingência

Secure and uninterrupted operations guaranteed.

The rtm site de contingência solution guarantees institutions the continuity of their operations during emergency, maintenance, and other situations that affect their main website.

  • It offers a similar infrastructure to the customers' work environment, as if they were operating from the institution itself;
  • Current capacity with more than 200 positions;
  • Customized solutions:
    • Dedicated - with its own equipment or with equipment hired by RTM.
    • Shared - RTM workstations with availability forecast determined through contract.
  • Access to all services of the Financial Network or the Internet RTM offers to the main sites;
  • Exclusive financial market providers: Selic, CETIP, Sisbacen, CIP, PSTI ANBIMA, Sistema Galgo, and SWIFT;
  • International and interstate corporate voice, RTM voice extensions.